We're Makeup Experts. We've worked for numerous brands, done television and celebrity makeup and have run multi-million-dollar cosmetic counters and cosmetic departments (each for over 20 years).

After working in the cosmetic industry for years and seeing the difficulties that many people have when applying makeup, we thought it was time to make things easier.  Through trial and error, based on the shape of the eye socket, we created (and patented) the Easy Crease defining brush, which very simply creates the most beautiful, professional looks with very little practice in the shortest period of time.

As our goal is to provide you with products that allow you to feel great about yourself and even more beautiful EVERY DAY with  little effort in the shortest period of time; we believe that our collection of brushes and tools will do just that, as we’ve refined the shapes and textures of our brushes and application sponge for fast, precise, daily application.

All of our brushes are made from the finest, revolutionary, hair-like, synthetic fibers that mimic the feel and performance of the finest animal hair.  In addition, the fibers don't hold onto bacteria the same as animal hair, so there's less chance of infection.  Each of our brushes are made meticulously by hand and are 'vegan/cruelty-free.

We have other products in the works that are easy basics (that everyone should have), as well as new ideas for products that we think you need and you'll love.

When it comes to YOU, it’s all about M.E.